Anotolian kilim (120-130 years old) before repair and after.
This old carpet is currently being repaired by us.
We are repairing this very old kilim for an English customer.
Our Services

We have an old carpet repair center in KONYA. If you have a rug or kilim, which needs cleaning or carefully restoring, we can put you in touch. We are the very best in these fields and our family has been repairing carpets since 1979. As part of our service, we can pick your carpet up from your house, repair it and then deliver it back. We do a lot of repairs for foreign carpet dealers and we can also give you references in your own country for repairs.

For the carpets at your house, we can advise you on maintenance and care. Maintenance has to be performed at certain times in order to ensure a long life for carpets which are being used over long periods. A dusty carpet has to be reversed and walked on in order to shift the dust from the knots. Then it should be reversed again and any dust remaining should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Used carpets have to be protected with special prophylactics in little bags and aired frequently. Dirty carpets may be wiped or washed with powdered or soft soap. They must be well dried after rinsing and should never be left on a wet surface. It is observed that some carpets may lose the brightness of their colours over a period of time. They should be wiped with a sponge, using a glass of vinegar mixed with water in bucket. The wiping also has to be done in the direction of the knots.

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