Usak Carpet 120 yrs old
Erzurum Saf Kilim 90-100 yrs old
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Carpets, long produced with the purpose of adorning, protecting and warming tents of nomad Turks living in the Altay region thousands of years ago, have more recently developed as an art form.
Each house used to weave its own carpets. Since then the art has been varied and developed by taking part in international trade. Today these carpets continue to keep their value.

A carpet is woven on a loom. The earlier looms were only a big frame and were very primitive. Perpendicular looms later replaced these easily portable vertical looms. A carpet loom is called an Istar.

The most important point of the carpet is the knot. A fine quality carpet is judged by the amount of knots present in each square centimetre.

We travel each winter extensively around Turkey, finding interesting and unusual carpets and kilims.

We provide high quality old and new carpets and kilims, easy to look after and very reasonably priced.

A person should buy a carpet with their heart because they will use it for a long time and see it always.
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