About Us

SULTANHAN is a small village in Anotolia. It is where our family comes from and where we started our family carpet business. MEHMET BOGE started the business by repairing carpets in SULTANHAN in 1979.

A few years later the business moved to Denizli. At this time, tourism was just taking off in Pamukkale and we thought we could expand the business by being better located in Denizli.

In 1990, we opened up our shop called Nomad in Dalyan. AHMET BOGE who studied tourism and hotel management at university in Izmir, started the tourism business in Dalyan in 1995.

In 2004 we named the business after our village in Anotolia, SULTANHAN, and if you come and visit us in Dalyan, we would be very happy to show you our large selection of beautiful old and new carpets and kilims.

We deal with many other European countries and have good contacts with USA, England and Germany.
We also have a repair centre in Konya, so if you have any old carpets that need repairing just contact us....

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